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Landing Page Designs That Convert
Dec 12 2016

What Is A Conversion?

Website landing pages have a simple goal, to convert a web visitor. Convert? “Convert in to what?”, you ask. No, we’re not talking about a religious conversion, nor making a Democrat into a Republican. Convert means to get a website visitor to take some action that we as marketers are eager for them to take.

Sure, in general, your entire website is supposed to do that right? But the beauty of a landing page is that it is a webpage where the only goal is to get an online visitor to take one action. We don’t want them relaxing and looking around. Maybe checking out our blog or About-Us page. No, we want them to take one specific step forward. That can be signing up for our newsletter, giving us their contact info, calling us on the phone or making a purchase.

Key To Creating Landing Pages That Convert

The key to good landing page design is to only have on this page content, images, whatever, that helps encourage the visitor to take that one action we want them to take. So no extra distractions that may take your visitor somewhere else instead of doing that one simple action.

I’ll give you an example from gambling. What is the goal of the casino? To get you to put your money down on that table. And once you’ve started to do that, to keep doing it for as long as possible. So you’ll notice there is almost never any clocks in casinos. Why? Obviously, they don’t want you to thinking about the time and how long you’ve been doing what they want you to do, which again is simple put more money down on their tables.

This is the foundation of website landing page development also. You won’t find a menu on a landing page. You won’t find a link to a blog post. Usually all you find is things that encourage you to type your email and then press some big, usually green or orange button, saying something like, “Yes, Let Me In!” or “Get Started Now” or “Add To Cart”. Or whatever target action the visitor is supposed to take.

How Converting Landing Pages Helps Your Bottom Line

Proper landing page design can boost your a conversion rate. This means people are much more likely to do what you’re trying to get them to do on the landing page. For example, a good redesign of a landing page can increase conversion by 20%, 50% or even 200% or more.

Let’s say you’re sending traffic to a landing page to collect email signups. Imagine you’re currently spending $100 to send 100 people to your landing page and on average 5 actually signup. Dividing the $100 you spent by the 5 signups you got, that means you’ve just paid $20 for each of those signups. Sounds pretty expensive to me, but of course I don’t know your business model.

But now let’s say you redesign your landing page so that of those same 100 visitors that you pay $100 for, you get 12 signups. Now you increased your signups by 140% for the same money. Instead of each new signup costing you $20, it now costs you only $8.33. That could very well be the difference between your business sinking or soaring.


Have I convinced you that making sure your landing page is done right is important? Good. But you might ask, “but what actually makes a good landing page?”. I’m glad you asked, because I’ve got you covered. Jump right over to my short short list of 6 Elements of Good Landing Page Design. Are these the only 6? No, of course not. But these 6 are some of the most important ones. Everyone likes a top 10 list, but hey, since these blog posts are free, I’m only giving you 6 - at least, for now.

Anyway, enjoy 6 Elements of Good Landing Page Design.