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Digital Marketing Tips to Heat Up Your Holiday
Dec 20 2017

Digital Marketing Tips to Heat Up Your Holiday

With the holiday season in full swing, nothing can amp up your brand’s visibility and revenue like finding cheerful ways to reach new and existing audiences. Consumers are already relishing the opportunity to buy products and services on sale or at a “holiday price,” so exploring new ways to show loyal clients that you care, exploring current leads, or enticing new ones can benefit your business more than you may realize.

We’ve got a list of digital marketing tips that are sure to keep your marketing team toasty this season.

‘Tis the Season for AdWords

Calling all B2B, retail, and other small businesses! Regardless of what industry you’re in, an AdWords campaign is a fantastic way to appeal to your target audiences. Sharing holiday specials? With a digital campaign, you can sell more products and services to cheery holiday shoppers. You can even gear your ads towards those who are actually holiday shopping and searching for specific keywords.


You can make sure that those shoppers who click on your ads are directed to a landing page that highlights any specials or discounts that you may be offering during this holiday season. Maybe it’s free shipping, discounts through the season, or an extra gift with every purchase. The sky’s the limit.

Here’s a couple tips for setting up your AdWords campaign:

· Make sure you include seasonal words and phrases, like “holiday” and “holiday shopping.”

· EVERYTHING is urgent with these types of ads. Make sure shoppers feel a sense of urgency in the copy.

· Be sure to highlight any special, holiday offer and deals.

· Ad extensions can help you get more real estate on the SERP.

“All I Want for Christmas is… Instagram?”

That’s right. We all know how popular Instagram has become for marketers looking to reach audiences of ALL ages. Though millennials and those Generation Z members are more inclined to be using this social media channel, Instagram reaches holiday shoppers with the swipe of a finger. black-friday-3-672x215.png

How can you utilize this platform? Instagram Ads are a great way to get in front of buyers and new audiences! Use creative videos and sparkly images to catch the eye of your next brand ambassador.

You can fill your business’s Instagram organic posts with holiday cheer and pictures of the office all dressed for the season. Show your holiday love through this channel and gain new followers.

Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza

To gain traction, excite new and existing customers, and spread the holiday cheer is through a social media giveaway contest. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be included in your giveaway content plan. By using multiple channels, you can get more eyes on your business.

Ask your customers to share a picture, like, comment, or write a story for your holiday giveaway. The more engagement, the better.

Emails Anybody?

A true digital strategy is not complete without incorporating emails into your campaigns. We encourage you to add some inbox sparkle with holiday geared emails to your customers. Little reminders throughout the month of December can encourage shoppers to sign-up, shop now, and add those last-minute items to their carts before the deals are gone.

Important things to remember: make sure your email subject lines are enticing, deals should be highlighted, and images should be beautiful and inviting.

Remarketing 101

If you’re unfamiliar with remarketing, the holiday shopping season is the perfect time of the year to tackle remarketing 101. What is this? When a shopper or visitor lands on your website or clicks on an ad, you can track the steps in your customer journey and retarget to those individuals who had shown previous interest in your good or services.

You can entice customers to go back to their abandoned shopping cartsdownload 4.45.49 PM.png and complete their purchases, remind previous visitors of any sales that you have going on for the season, and offer additional incentives. With the option to remarket on all the channels that you’re marketing on (Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) you can be sure to increase your ROI with a remarketing strategy.

At HammockWeb, we love the holiday season and all the opportunities that this time of the year offers to marketers looking to spruce things up and increase their sales. Don’t let the cold weather, salt on your car, or over-played holiday tunes get you down this season. With our digital tips, you can be sure to keep those rosy cheeks glowing through the New Year!